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Encourage the soldiers who fight for the security of the State of Israel.

Every IDF soldier  receives
The Dreidel of Faith

Send your love to the soldiers in Israel

As Hashem spins the world, remember that your hard work and dedication is not in vain, we will win and spread morality, goodness, and truth in the world.

18$ Cost of one Dreidel 

The "Dreidel of Faith" symbolizes Hashem’s (God’s) spinning the world, Hashem watches over this world at every moment.

The people of Israel have faced and overcome tremendous difficulties throughout millennia, and it is for this reason we, as people, have enormous powers of faith, confidence, and bravery.

We won over the enemy in every generation because as an eternal nation we are not afraid of a long journey. We are finally a free Jewish nation in the land of Israel, and we will do whatever it takes to keep and strengthen this reality.


The Dreidel of faith  is a joint venture of Eitan Events  and the artist Israel Hellinger 

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